mozziquit Eco friendly mosquito trap
mozzi Quit
Thanks to Bank of Maharashtra,
Hampankatta Branch for funding
against CGTMSE Scheme

Mosquito Trap - MozziQuit Validation

  • MozziQuit is tried, tested and approved for use by The National Institute of Malaria Research/Indian Council of Medical Research, Bangalore. NIMR/ICMR, Delhi have also offered/ suggested to use their full pledged R&D facilities on contract basis.
  • Zero emission of UV radiation as tested by Raman Research Institute at Bangalore.

Leowin Solutions Profile

Leowin Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is registered under Companies Act on 18/06/2008 to innovate, manufacture and market eco-friendly products.


mosquito killing machine mosquito trap


mosquito trap

Use Mosquito Trap MozziQuit and save money

mosquito killing liquid

Mosquito Trap - Characteristics

mosquito repellent
  • One time cost. No daily consumables
  • Strong Efficacy : Can be checked from catch net container
  • Lowest Cost of Acquisition.
  • Lowest Lifetime Cost for mosquito trap.
  • Environmentally Safe : No Chemicals. Doesnot release Smoke/Fumes