mozziquit Eco friendly mosquito trap
mozziquit Eco friendly mosquito trap
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Leowin Solutions Profile

Leowin Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is registered under Companies Act on 18/06/2008 to innovate, manufacture and market eco-friendly products.

The promoter Mr. Ignatius Orwin Noronha aged 52 years is the Innovator of MozziQuit Mosquito Trap. Graduate in Commerce is a self trained innovator with thorough knowledge of product innovation lifecycle. He has carried out R& D on MozziQuit since 2001 after personally seeing an American Product Mosquito Magnet at Shri Shakthi Gas & Energy the exclusive distributor of American Bio-Physics Inc. at Hyderabad priced Rs. 1,10,000/- per unit with operating cost per month Rs. 5,000/- for 3 LPG cylinders and for a hazardous chemical called Octenol. As a outcome the Innovative Patented MozziQuit Mosquito Trap without use of any chemicals is been made available to combat Mosquito Menace.

He had worked in the Middle East for 10 years where hundreds of various construction chemicals and fireproofing products were manufactured. His manufactured products in India have been used as equivalent products of FOSROC India Ltd. to repair the deteriorated structure above the sea at JNPT Port, Mumbai as polymer modified retro-fitting works of container handling jetty in 2001-02. He has manufactured waterproofing chemicals and executed works in and around Mangalore since 1999.

He had proposed cost saving 2 thick modified concrete mix design to IOCL in December 1999 instead of conventional 12 thick concrete mix used for roads and driveways with specific claim on allowing the concreted road/driveway for movement of vehicles after 24 hours of concreting without waiting for 28 days curing period. IOCL tested the sample concrete slab on 06/12/1999 after 24 hours of concreting and awarded the first project of Concreting driveway at Goregaon Petrol Pump in the year 2000. Today it is the testimonial after 10 years of use on its performance & quality and the said technology could be introduced all over India which will save almost 5 times of concrete cost with laying time as India has got huge requirement of road infrastructure.

Mosquito Trap - Characteristics

mosquito repellent
  • One time cost. No daily consumables
  • Strong Efficacy : Can be checked from catch net container
  • Lowest Cost of Acquisition.
  • Lowest Lifetime Cost for mosquito trap.
  • Environmentally Safe : No Chemicals. Doesnot release Smoke/Fumes
Our Vision and Mission
Our vision is to provide innovative and environment-friendly solutions to all people.

Our mission is to create value for our customers and shareholders by protecting their health and reducing preventable illness.

  • To create an environment that is free of mosquitoes
  • To create a self sustaining brand name with the primary goal of winning the customers goodwill
  • To reduce the no. of people being affected by mosquito borne diseases
  • To double our sales growth on a yearly basis