mozziquit Eco friendly mosquito trap
mozziquit Eco friendly mosquito trap
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How to use “MozziQuit” MQ-MAX/MQ-MINI

Mosquitoes usually enter inside the houses or flats between 5 pm to 7 pm in the evening mainly because of carbon dioxide exhaled by people. Use “MozziQuit” in room after 7 pm by switching on the device, off the lights in the room and come out of the room after closing the door. Within 30 minutes all the mosquitoes found inside the room will get attracted towards the inlet of the device due to the glowing effect emitted by the light in combination with our proprietary additives (food grade) added in the casing as well as the heat equivalent to body temperature and of blood nurves generated by “MozziQuit”, get killed instantly by vacuuming force through the perforated holes and get collected in the removable collection container for disposal.

User may switch on the device in other rooms or toilets and use for 30 minutes in similar way when ever they see mosquitoes in other rooms/toilets.

By using “MozziQuit” from 7 pm in the bedroom there would not be any mosquito in the bedroom when people go to sleep after 9 or 10 pm.

“MozziQuit” is also recommended to switch on and use in living room or bedroom through out the night i.e. 7 pm till 6 am so that what ever mosquitoes found inside the house/flat will get attracted, trapped and killed at just 5 paise cost per day only for Power Consumption.

There should not be light around when “MozziQuit” is switched on. Lights in the room should be switched off.

Table shows the present multiplication rate of mosquitoes which could be eliminated by use of “MozziQuit”:

Mosquitoes Day 1 No. of female Mosquitos on Day 100 assuming 50% female out of 300 eggs No. of female Mosquitos on Day 200 assuming 50% female out of 300 eggs No. of female Mosquitos on Day 300 assuming 50% female out of 300 eggs
1 150 22500 3375000
10 1500 225000 33750000
100 15000 2250000 337500000
1000 150000 22500000 3375000000

Mosquitoes in above photo were trapped in 1 No. “MozziQuit” MQ-MAX device used at Watchman room at our Factory Building at Kuloor, Mangalore. More than 50,000 mosquitoes within 30 days which were collected in Glass/PET Bottle for personal inspection/verification. If “MozziQuit” was not used same 50,000 mosquitoes would have been multiplied into 300 folds continuously every 100 days.

mozziquit Model1 mosquito killing machine

MozziQuit - MQ-MAX

Power Consumption : 20 Watts
Size : 225mm(L) x 145mm(M) x 220mm(H)
Weight : 1.050KG
mozziquit Model1 mosquito killing machine

MozziQuit- MQ-MINI

Power Consumption : 3 Watts
Size : 90mm(W) x 170mm(L) x 145mm(H)
Weight : 225 Grams

Mosquito Trap - Characteristics

mosquito repellent
  • One time cost. No daily consumables
  • Strong Efficacy : Can be checked from catch net container
  • Lowest Cost of Acquisition.
  • Lowest Lifetime Cost for mosquito trap.
  • Environmentally Safe : No Chemicals. Doesnot release Smoke/Fumes
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