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Model MQ-MAX MRP Rs. 2,990/- plus Rs. 150/- courier charges (Rs. 3,140/-) is to use inside and outside house where mosquito density is high.

Model MQ-MINI MRP Rs. 1,500/- plus Rs. 150/- courier charges (Rs. 1,650/-) is recommended to use inside flats and houses above 1st floor level where mosquito density is less.

Both MQ-MAX and MQ-MINI are out of Stock. We shall update shortly upon availability of stocks for you to book your Order.

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Information on how and when to use "MozziQuit"

  • Mosquitoes usually enter inside the houses/flats/toilets between 5pm to 7pm mainly due to the smell of carbon dioxide exhaled by people during breathing.
  • Operating cost of "MozziQuit" is minimal of less than 10 paisa per day which is only for power consumption of less than zero volt bulb without use of any chemicals or consumables or mats or refill or liquid or smell or ash or smoke.
  • "MozziQuit" device costs less than Rs. 1 per day as "MozziQuit" lasts for more than 10 years unless physically damaged.
  • When you see mosquitoes flying inside the room Switch On "MozziQuit" device, switch off the light in the room, close the door and be in other room for some time. What ever mosquitoes already found inside the room will get attracted towards the device and get vacuumed inside the device and get collected in the removable collection container of "MozziQuit".
  • Same way use "MozziQuit" in other rooms when ever you see mosquitoes in other rooms.
  • Switch on "MozziQuit" through out the night till morning in bedroom or hall or toilets so that what ever mosquitoes fly around in the night will also get trapped.
  • When ever you happen to leave the house, switch on "MozziQuit", switch off lights in the house for "MozziQuit" device to trap the mosquitoes.
  • Every next morning you could personally see dead mosquitoes in the removable collection container depending on the number of mosquitoes found inside the room/house on previous night.
  • Mosquitoes also get inside room/house in the morning time which get trapped in the device in the night when it is dark.
  • It is noted that the performance of "MozziQuit" is excellent when it is dark. If people are in the room with light on mosquitoes take longer time to get attracted towards the device.
  • "MozziQuit" have trapped large number of mosquitoes inside rooms when person sleep inside the mosquito net keeping the windows open which makes more and more mosquitoes to get inside the room due to the carbon dioxide exhaled by the person and the person will have sound sleep inside the net without any mosquito bites.
  • "MozziQuit" do not attract mosquitoes from external place and it traps mosquitoes which have entered inside the house/rooms because of smell of carbon dioxide of people/animals.
  • "MozziQuit" MQ-MAX traps and kills large number of mosquitoes every day in cow shed resulting in increase in milk yield and increase in weight of cows as the cows get enough rest/sleep in the night without any mosquito bites.
  • Killing 1 female mosquito is equivalent to eliminating millions of mosquito offsprings as one female mosquito lays between 300 to 1000 eggs during its life span of 30 to 100 days.

Mosquito Trap - Characteristics

mosquito repellent
  • One time cost. No daily consumables
  • Strong Efficacy : Can be checked from catch net container
  • Lowest Cost of Acquisition.
  • Lowest Lifetime Cost for mosquito trap.
  • Environmentally Safe : No Chemicals. Doesnot release Smoke/Fumes

  • To create an environment that is free of mosquitoes
  • To create a self sustaining brand name with the primary goal of winning the customers goodwill
  • To reduce the no. of people being affected by mosquito borne diseases
  • To double our sales growth on a yearly basis